Learn Everything about Keto Diet: Types, Mechanism and the Truth!

Keto diet was the new Meghan Markle of 2017. It’s obvious from the statement that, this diet regime was among the most searched list of the former year.

A lot of people planning to lose weight are still in a dilemma involving ketogenic diet and how exactly it works on human body.

Read further to know all nitty-gritty regarding ketosis weight loss and diet.

Get into the basic first

Keto diet basically comprises of low carb, moderate protein and high intake of fat in every day meal. It simply aims to cut down carbohydrate consumption to minimal level.

Reason for low carb and moderate protein

Carbohydrate breaks down into glucose after digestion. Glucose becomes the primary source of energy for body including brain. Increase blood glucose level helps to gain weight including other pathological conditions.

However, by adopting high fat diet, body goes into a state known as ketosis. It is a process where fat in the form of ketone bodies are utilised as the chief source of energy. Tons of unwanted proteins are not required because ketogenic diet has protein sparing effect.

What are the types?

LCHF diet has got its own different types.

  1. Standard Keto Diet

This is basically a strict ketosis weight loss diet plan that constitutes 70-80 per cent of fat, 15-20 per cent of protein and 5-10 per cent of carb. The rule is straightforward; consume a minimum amount of carbohydrates in every meal.

In SKD, it is very important to maintain carb consumption, especially during the initial days of the diet. Two methods to find ideal net carb intake:

  • Go low to high

In order to ensure a fast production of ketone bodies, one should start with a minimum intake of carb in initial days. After 2 to 3 days later, body start producing ketones. During this period, a person can add up to 5 gms extra carb to his existing diet chart.

This is a highly recommended method to keep track of carbohydrate in this low carb diet.

  • And high to low

This is a relatively easy method as one has to just cut down the amount of carb gradually with the pace of time. It is not much recommended as; one may take a long time to get enter the state of ketosis.

SKD is the best version of LCHF diet and gives superior result as ketosis weight loss when combined with activities like yoga, swimming, cycling, walking etc.

  1. Targeted Keto Diet

TKD is suitable for fitness freaks, those who practice high-intensity workouts like professional athletes or bodybuilders. It is also suitable for those who are already using CBD oil. CBD oil can also be used for pain, anxiety, stress, migraines, etc.

Apart from ingesting lots of fat, it encourages taking 20 to 50 gms of net carb daily typically 40 minutes to 1 hour before workout. Since they perform vigorous exercise, additional carb are burned off quickly without affecting the formation of ketones.

Dieters eat easily digestible carbohydrates, as they burn off fast. If a person undergoes TKD, he should eat a bit more protein to build muscle mass sooner.

  1. Cyclical Keto Diet

CKD is best for people who want to undergo keto diet on a long-term plan. It is quite a bit similar to intermittent fasting.

This involves dieters to devote 2 days high carbohydrate consumption in order to store glycogen in muscle and liver. The primary goal of CKD is to encourage muscle growth and heavy exercise by using carb as an important tool at a particular interval.

This variation of high fat is adapted by professional athletes where they are allowed to have a healthy non-processed carb.

  1. High Protein Ketogenic Diet

HPKD is similar to SKD except for the fact that, this diet demands more protein and hinders gluconeogenesis.

Maintaining a high protein KD can be challenging initially as it requires an apt balance of protein considering intake of both carb and fat. As excess of protein in the body is converted into glucose, which is again is not right for the diet.

This ketosis weight loss diet is perfect for people suffering from obesity.

  1. Restricted low carb Diet

RKD is a restricted calorie variation of SKD where dieters consume less than 12 grams of carb daily.

This diet regime starts with a 3 day fasting. It is highly effective for people who have cancer. In fact, RKD is a vital therapy for malignant cancer.

A study evaluated that, patients with cancer showed no sign of mutated brain tissues after undergoing RKD for 3 months.

Finally comes the mechanism

Here’s a simplified way of understanding the science behind the formation of ketones and mechanism of a keto diet.

  • Macronutrients undergo different metabolic pathways for digestion.
  • Body starts fasting post 2-3 hours meal.
  • Ketones bodies are formed from break down of fatty acids, generating energy to perform daily activities.
  • Production of three types of ketone bodies takes place; acetoacetate, acetone, and beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB).
  • To sum up, ketones mimics the starvation mode in the liver due to lack of carb, burning fat for fuel.

Bonus tips for diet chart:

The food chart for this diet is a bit calculative. Bullet coffee, loaded with lots of cream and butter is a prime choice amongst all other ketogenic recipes, as it goes well with all the 5 types of keto diets.

Olive oil, butter, salmon, chicken and veggies like eggplant, onion, spinach, and cauliflower also make forever good choice of menu for dieters in any season.

Truth exposed!

A lot of scepticism is still doing the rounds involving this unique diet therapy. People often suspect how can a diet high in fat can be good for one and all.

The truth is LCHF diet in reality is highly effective, offering quick positive results. Considering the significant advantages, going keto actually free cells from fat giving a lean healthy physique to the dieters.

End thoughts

Keto Diet is unique in its way, where one literally consumes fat to burn fat. With its heaps of benefits, this diet is a win-win preference for many people aiming to come in a shape for a healthy lifestyle.